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Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Whether it's videography, photography, calligraphy, graphic design, poetry ... and the list goes on ... all these are creative outlets, which offer an insight to what motivates and inspires us as content creators and artists.

But at its core, what is creativity? What does it mean for one to be creative? Are you creative? These are all questions I will cover in a series of blog posts about creativity. But let me start by defining what creativity means to me.

A unique approach

Creativity isn't about your ability to draw the perfect portrait or landscape and is not related to how well-versed you are on using the Manual mode on your camera, creativity at its essence is about having a unique idea and applying it effectively to create something different. It's the ability to break away from the mould and to bring a new point of view and perspective to an existing idea/concept or a new idea all together. A unique idea executed exceptionally well, is the core of creativity.

The paper clip

Here is a simple exercise to see how creative you really are.

Try in 1 minute to come up with as many uses of the paper clip as you can think of.

Come on, think about it...

Have you thought of at least one other use than it just being a paper clip? You probably ended up with way more, right?

I bet you did!

Your ability to think beyond the fact that it's just a paper clip and trying to find other uses and other settings where it may be utilised/used demonstrates your ability to undertake the fundamentals of the creative process.

A unique idea executed exceptionally well, is the core of creativity.

Most importantly however, this demonstrates that creativity can also span from existing ideas be them your own or the ideas of others, it's about your ability to understand the concept and applying your own perspective and personal touch. You do not have to come up with something new all the time, it's about evolving what's currently available. You really don't even need to reinvent the wheel, maybe just make it bigger!

State of mind

Creativity necessitates the ability for you to constantly remain engaged in the process. To always keep thinking of the unique approach, of the different angle, of how else can this object, place, photo be re-imagined.

However, for one to be in that creative mindset it's important to consider the overall psychological state of the mind as this impacts directly on creativity. Your ability to be creative is directly linked to your mood, to your surroundings, and to so many other triggers. All of which can be controlled/adjusted to help you realise creativity. Think of creativity as a habit rather than a forced mental state, with enough practice, you can command it's power at any time and reap the benefits!

More on the state of mind to assist with creativity will follow in future blog posts on this topic, so watch this space.

But for now, stay creative!

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